As a general guidance, investment opportunities should meet the following criteria. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt. We love to meet entrepreneurs and owners and have an open discussion, even if the project at hand has not yet crystallized.

Company size

  • Sales typically between 10 and 120 million Euro
  • EBITDA between 2 and 20 million Euro
  • Smaller companies: could be add-on opportunities for our portfolio companies

Vendis investment size

  • Typically between 5 and 25 million Euro (up to 40 million Euro with Vendis co-investors)
  • Smaller tickets could be considered as add-on opportunities for our portfolio companies

Transaction structure

  • Majority as well as minority positions
  • Buyout as well as growth capital
  • Always equity transactions (possibly combined with other security-types like preferential shares or shareholders loans)


  • Consumer-facing (B2C) companies:
    – Product brands as well as retail brands
    – Offline as well as online
    – Goods as well as services
    – Food as well as non-food
  • With the exception of :
    – Regulated financial services
    – Pure media
  • Exceptionally also suppliers of consumer-facing companies
  • Either growing or consolidating
  • Offering healthy margins in the long term

Business model

  • Proven model with attractive economics
  • Growth or transformation potential
  • Strong barriers to entry (brand asset, network, innovation, control of supply or distribution, etc.)


  • Head office in the Benelux, France, Germany, Scandinavia or in other European countries if at “same-day travel” distance from our Brussels office

Management team

  • A capable team with a credible plan
  • Common values and vision
  • Equity involvement with 4-7 years investment horizon