Every business is different, and so is every shareholder situation. We work hard to tailor each transaction structure to the needs of the business and its shareholders. At Vendis, we can accommodate all of the following investment types. Note that even if it’s “too early to sell”, it might be worthwhile to sit down with us and consider an Owner Buy-Out transaction…

Development or growth capital

Increasing the capital of the company

  • Providing extra capital to support and accelerate growth, whether this involves expanding into new markets, acquiring one or more businesses, increasing capacity and/or growing distribution

Replacement capital

Acquisition of part of the company’s shares

  • Providing partial liquidity to the entrepreneur/ current shareholder (whereby he/she can stay operationally involved)
  • Providing diversification of risk (and sometimes paradoxically creating more room for entrepreneurship)
  • Facilitating management succession (having a financial investor on board can increase the attractiveness of the company for new management)
  • Taking over the stake of one or more (non-operational) shareholders (e.g. a family member or a financial investor)
  • Solving a potential conflict between shareholders

Owner Buy-Out

Acquisition of the company by a holding jointly held by the current owner-entrepreneur and Vendis

  • Providing partial liquidity and diversification of risk, while maintaining a significant stake in the future value creation potential of the company
  • Similar as replacement capital, but facilitating also a refinancing of the company (with bank financing, mezzanine financing and/or shareholder loans, etc.)

Management Buy-Out

Acquisition of the company by a holding jointly held by the existing management and Vendis

  • Preserving the management structure if the existing owner wants to exit
  • Allowing management to invest in the business they run, transforming management contribution into financial benefit

Management Buy-In

Acquisition of the company by a holding jointly held by a new management team and Vendis

  • Facilitating the acquisition of a company by a seasoned external management team with long-standing experience in the sector concerned


Refinancing a company in turnaround phase

  • Even though it is not our main focus, we may – in specific cases –  invest in turnaround situations