Pranarôm and HerbalGem join forces to establish the leading group specialising in natural therapies

Pranarôm and HerbalGem have joined forces to establish the leading group specialising in natural therapies.

The two laboratories were pioneers in their respective fields of aromatherapy and gemmotherapy. For more than 20 years, Pranarôm and HerbalGem have invested to increase scientific knowledge about essential oils and concentrated bud macerates.

“Pranarôm and HerbalGem have both become leading brands recognised for the quality of their products, the professionalism of their training and a firm scientific foundation. Furthermore, we share the same philosophy and passion for natural therapies,” commented Dominique Baudoux, the Group’s chairman.

The Group will benefit from its own crops and harvesting sites for buds and medicinal plants in Belgium and Madagascar, its two specialist production laboratories in Ghislenghien and Vielsalm, its commercial subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy, an international network of distributors and, most importantly, the trust of millions of consumers worldwide who regularly use the Group’s products.

“This is a major step forward in the expansion of Pranarôm and HerbalGem. By combining our strengths, we are giving ourselves the means to match our ambitions, and intend to continue to develop and promote the powerful properties of essential oils and buds,” added Sergio Calandri, the Group’s CEO.

With this merger, the Group is setting itself the task of promoting improved health for all through nature, and is planning to bring on board the best companies in the sector, particularly through acquisitions.

“The establishment of a leading natural therapy group is a major step in a broader and ambitious growth plan. It is the embodiment of a vision and ambition we have shared with Dominique Baudoux since the start of our partnership in 2011. We are very happy to welcome Sergio Calandri and his teams to this new group, and are convinced that the companies and people involved complement each other perfectly,” concluded Cedric Olbrechts, Partner at Vendis Capital.