Vendis Capital invests in Victoria’s business development

Françoise Kaisin, Victoria’s founder, has teamed up with Vendis Capital, the specialist investment fund for the consumer brand sector.

The Victoria Group was founded in 1991 and is now the Belgian market leader and an important player in France in the jewellery direct sales sector. Victoria designs, produces and distributes, exclusively via its network of sales representatives, classic and trendy jewellery for men, women and children. The jewellery collection includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants, and is rigorously selected to meet the wishes of the public and provide optimum quality, in each product, at the best price.

“We have been impressed by Victoria’s quality of the products and its complete control of the direct sales model,” said Cedric Olbrechts from Vendis Capital. “Françoise Kaisin has created a real jewel here, and we’re convinced that Victoria has strong development potential!”

After several years of strong business development in Belgium and France, Françoise Kaisin was keen to team up with Vendis Capital in order to continue Victoria’s development and ensure the active support of an investor that is recognised for supporting growing companies.

“The presence of Vendis means that I can calmly and confidently deal with the future challenges and developments. I’m relying on them to help me continue Victoria’s development, particularly internationally, and also to continue building a solid platform for the continued success of this wonderful company,” summarises Kaisin.

Vendis Capital’s investment will also enable the Victoria Group to integrate its French business, which until now was partially owned by private individuals. “By integrating our French business into the Group, we will have the means to pursue harmonious and controlled development,” says Kaisin. “We have created a positive, virtuous dynamism which will help us to realise Victoria’s growth potential, especially in France.”