A flexible capital structure – Depending on the project at hand, Vendis Capital either brings in new capital (development capital) and/or buys existing shares (buyout capital). We are flexible as to the resulting capital structure because we accommodate both minority and majority positions. We take a long-term view and encourage our partner companies to invest for profitable growth. We don’t burden companies with debt to the extent that operating decisions are dictated by debt reimbursements, however, if cash flows permit, we do optimize returns for shareholders through reasonable financial leverage.

Sector insight, experience and network – The Vendis team has a broad and long-standing experience of building branded consumer companies throughout Europe. We have supported entrepreneurs and their companies through various stages of development, and are familiar with the opportunities and associated challenges. We have the luxury of working across different consumer subsectors. In doing so, our minds and those of our partners are continuously cross-fertilized and challenged by ongoing developments in the consumer sector at large.

A sparring partner – It is our ambition to be a valuable, stable and committed sparring partner for management and co-shareholders. The team responsible for the investment in a portfolio company typically stays with the investment throughout the period of ownership. Whereas management naturally focuses on what is important and urgent, we help them think through what is important but less immediately urgent, such as establishing strategic roadmaps, planning and facilitating management additions, evaluating and executing acquisitions, and establishing proper monitoring and reporting tools. We strongly believe in the power of collaborative partnership, and our partners can count on our honest, thoughtful and experienced input.

Deal making expertise – Deal making is at the core of our expertise, yet it doesn’t stop at Vendis’ entry into a new portfolio company, especially when growth is on the agenda.  We leverage our deal making expertise throughout the lifetime of our portfolio companies. These step-changes can have many forms and shapes, such as making add-on acquisitions, aligning shareholders of daughter companies with group shareholders, facilitating complex carve-outs or asset deals, etc.