Dominique Baudoux and Vendis Capital enter into a partnership for the further development of Pranarôm

Ghislenghien, February 25th 2011 – Dominique Baudoux, founder of Pranarôm, has agreed to a partnership with Vendis Capital, the private equity fund specialized in the European consumer industry.

Since its foundation in 1991, Pranarôm has evolved into one of the leading companies in the segment of scientific aromatherapy, which is the use of essential oils (volatile oils extracted from plants) for therapeutic purposes.

Pranarôm’s products, which are mainly sold at pharmacists and bio shops, have numerous preventive and curative applications, such as the strengthening of the natural healing process, that are based on the activity of the natural biochemical molecules present in essential oils.  Pranarôm has leveraged on its internationally recognized expertise to develop a strong presence in France and Belgium and to expand its activities in other countries as well.

After several years of steady growth, Dominique Baudoux has agreed to a partnership with Vendis Capital to accelerate the further development of Pranarôm and to provide the company with the necessary active support during the growth process.

« This is a new phase in the development of Pranarôm », Dominique Baudoux explains. « I am thrilled to have found the right partner to assist us in bringing Pranarôm to a next phase of growth and development. »

« The unique market position and scientific reputation of Pranarôm and of Dominique Baudoux in the world of aromatherapy demonstrate the strong growth potential of the company », adds Cedric Olbrechts of Vendis Capital. « We believe that the combination of both parties’ unique competences in a partnership model will allow the company to realize its ambitious business plan through organic and possibly external growth. »

Pranarôm is the third investment of Vendis Capital since its foundation in October 2009.  Vendis Capital is a private equity fund active in the segment of retail and consumer brands in Europe.  The fund has a capital base of 111,5 million euro.