Vendis Capital sells its participation in Alexandre de Paris to the Japanese group Yagi Tsusho

Brussels, 13 September 2016 – Vendis Capital has announced that it will transfer its interests in the Bailly group, global leader in luxury hair accessories under the Alexandre de Paris brand, to the Japanese group Yagi Tsusho.

Vendis Capital invested in the Bailly group in 2013, a.o. to support the purchase of the Alexandre de Paris brand, for which the Bailly group up until then had been the exclusive licensee. Strengthened by this transaction, the Bailly group accelerated the development of its distribution in Asia, and continued its internationalisation.

The strong presence of the brand in Asia, the technical and aesthetic qualities of the products and the unique expertise of French production have organically attracted the attention of the Japanese Yagi Tsusho group, who now has acquired the stake held by Vendis Capital. The transaction, which was mutually agreed between all parties, will allow the Bailly group to accelerate its ambitious development in Asia. The operation will effectively allow the Bailly group to work closely together with a strategic player in one of the most important regions for the Alexandre de Paris brand.

Sébastien and Fabienne Bailly state: “We would like to thank Vendis for their support over the last three years. We are excited about this new partnership with Yagi Tsusho, who are the reference group for brand distribution in Asia. Together, we will continue to make the Alexandre de Paris brand shine”.

Cedric Olbrechts adds: “The entry of Yagi Tsusho into the company’s capital is an incredible development opportunity for Alexandre de Paris. This new partnership will bolster the increasing strength of both the company and the brand, who will be able to benefit from the support of the Yagi Tsusho group. We wish Sébastien and Fabienne Bailly good luck in this new stage of the history of Alexandre de Paris”.