About This Project


Leading premium hearing protection brand


Alpine, based in Soesterberg (the Netherlands), develops and markets premium hearing protection products including earplugs, earmuffs, and high-end made2measure products, for adults, children and babies, across a broad range of applications (party, sleep, music, motor, travel, work, etc).

Alpine’s products are sold through a strong omnichannel go-to-market platform including both offline and online retail, marketplaces, events and its own webshop. With sales globally, the major markets are the Benelux, Germany, France and the UK.

Vendis invested alongside the founding couple, Peter and Lisette de Roode, who transitioned to a board role, whilst a new management team was put in place, to execute an ambitious strategy including both organic and in-organic growth initiatives. 

Vendis Capital invested in Alpine in December 2018.

Vendis Team

Vincent Braams

Arjan Elderhorst

Philip Vannieuwenhuyze