About This Project


Discount retailer of fun non-food articles


SoLow is a uniquely differentiated retailer with a deep assortment in party, hobby & craft as well as a broad offering in other fun non-food articles, all available at affordable prices.

SoLow was founded in 2003 by the brothers Danny and Francois Dame, who started selling these products from a stall on local street markets. Building on their success, they started opening permanent stores under the SoLow brand. Since then they have delivered considerable growth in both absolute and like-for-like sales. Per the end of 2020 the company operated 35 SoLow stores throughout the Netherlands.

Vendis Capital teams up with the two brothers to further roll-out the format in the Netherlands as well as abroad. To do so a new management team comprising a mix of current and new employees is formed.

Vendis Capital invested in SoLow in December 2020.

Vendis Team

Vincent Braams

David de Graaf
David de Graaf