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A leading Poke Bowl concept


Pokawa is the leading fast-casual restaurant chain in France for poke bowls, an exotic dish from Hawaiian inspiration, made from rice, marinated fish, fruits and vegetables.

It offers customised dishes, made-to-order with simple and fresh ingredients. The brand stems from the travels of its co-founders and has developed around an exotic universe, matching with the expectations of the new consumer. In 2019, Pokawa received the award for the most ordered dish worldwide on the Deliveroo platform, namely the “Super Protein Poke”, which demonstrates the relevance of the offering.

Since its inception in 2017, Pokawa has grown rapidly with around 30 mostly self-owned restaurants across France by the end of 2020 and openings in Belgium and Luxembourg. Together with its on-site and take-out catering, Pokawa has also become the benchmark on delivery platforms.

Vendis is supporting the founders, Maxime Buhler and Samuel Carré, with their ambitious growth plan, consolidating their leadership position in France and accelerating the growth internationally in Europe.

Vendis Capital invested in Pokawa in July 2020.

Vendis Team

Mathieu de Medeiros

Stefan Weimann

Olivier Le Bris